What is a Job Change? What is a Variation of Conditions?

First, let’s talk about Job Change.

If you hold an Accredited Employer work visa (AEWV) and want to change one or more of the conditions on your current visa, you can apply for a Job Change to Immigration New Zealand.

For example, your AEWV allows you to work as a Telecommunications Technician for ABC Telecoms in Auckland.

If you want to change your role OR your employer OR your employment location, you need to apply for a Job Change or a new AEWV.

Job Change applications are processed faster than AEWV applications, with a lesser application fee.

Note, though, that you will still need to be offered a position by an accredited employer which holds a valid job check approval.

Also note that a Job Change application does not change the validity of your AEWV – if your AEWV will expire soon, you should apply for a new AEWV.

So, what is a Variation of Conditions, or VOC?

Simply, it is an application to change one or more conditions of your current temporary visa.

For example, if you hold a student visa which doesn’t allow you to work, and you want to work part-time while studying, apply for a VOC.

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