If your occupation appears on INZ’s Green List, you may qualify for residence under either the Straight to Residence Category or the Green List Work to Residence Category.

These resident visa categories are for people working in an occupation which is in critical shortage in New Zealand – one of the occupations on INZ’s Green List.

Eligibility For Straight to Residence or Green List Work to Residence Category Visa

You can be approved a Straight to Residence resident visa if you are offered a position on Tier 1 of Immigration New Zealand’s Green List, and you meet the qualification/work experience/pay requirements of the Green List for that occupation. Tier 1 Green List occupations are mostly in construction, health, engineering and ICT industries.

If you are working in a Tier 2 Green List occupation, you can qualify for a Green List Work to Residence resident visa after working for two years in that role.

Both categories have an English requirement, and you must also meet health and character requirements for residence.

You must be working for an INZ-accredited employer at the time of applying for residence.

Applying For Straight to Residence or Skilled Residence Category Visa

The Straight to Residence Category opened on 5 September 2022.

The Skilled Residence Category will only open from 29 September 2023. From that date, it will be possible to claim credit for two years of New Zealand work experience in a Tier 2 occupation beginning on or after 29 September 2021.

Straight to Residence or Green List Work to Residence Category Visa Support

At Visa Matters, our licensed immigration advisers can advise you of your eligibility under Skilled Residence – Highly Paid Category Visa. We can make sure you are ready to apply as soon as you qualify under this category.

Speak to a member of the team today about pursuing residence under Straight to Residence or Green List Work to Residence categories.