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Migrant Exploitation Work Visa

Migrant Exploitation Work Visa

Been ripped off at work?

Not paid what you were meant to?

Working long hours for less paid?

Exploited by your employer in New Zealand?

If you can prove you have been exploited at work, you may qualify for a Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa.

Talk to our immigration experts today. They can advise you how to leave your exploiting employer and move to an open work visa valid for six months.

Migrant Exploitation work visas can be extended. If you need to extend your open work visa, contact the immigration law specialists at Visa Matters, who can advise you and represent you for a work visa application to INZ.

Don’t suffer in silence. Stand up for your employment rights in New Zealand. Contact Visa Matters today to ask about a Migrant Exploitation visa and don’t be a migrant exploited any longer!

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