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Parent Retirement Category

Parent Retirement Category

If you reside in New Zealand and your parents live overseas, they may qualify for residence under the Parent Retirement Category.

The Parent Retirement Category Resident Visa offers parents of residents the opportunity to immigrate to New Zealand subject to a four-year investment period.

Eligibility For Parent Retirement Category Resident Visa

While many pathways to New Zealand residence include criteria specific to age and employment, the Parent Retirement Category offers an alternative route based on financial investment.

Applicants will need to prove an annual income of NZ$60,000, have an additional NZ$500,000 to live on and invest a total of NZ$1 million in the country for a period of four consecutive years.

Applying For The Parent Retirement Category Resident Visa

Visa Matters can assess your parents’ eligibility under this category and represent them in their application for an NZ Parent Retirement Category Resident Visa.

As well as meeting health and character requirements which apply to all New Zealand visa applications, your parents will need to provide evidence of their ability to meet the financial criteria.

There are significant delays in INZ processing applications in the Parent Retirement Category Resident Visa, so we recommend submitting an application at least two years before your parents wish to immigrate to New Zealand.

NZ Parent Visa Support

At Visa Matters, our licensed immigration advisers can support you and your parents in building a strong application. We understand the common mistakes applicants make and the level of evidence required to have a Parent Retirement Category Visa approved.

We will act on your parents’ behalf, taking the stress out of what can be a challenging process.

Speak to a member of the team today about pursuing an NZ Parent Retirement Category Resident Visa.

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