Add: 1A/3 Ceres Court, Albany, Auckland 0632
Tel:  0800250200
Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Facebook: Visa Matters

Call us today for a 15-minute ‘needs analysis’ phone meeting.  Please note that we are very busy, and we respectfully ask that you only contact us if you intend to explore engaging our professional services and are willing to invest in your success.

We have limited slots available for our ‘needs analysis’ phone meetings, which are for potential new clients only. These phone meetings do not offer you immigration advice, but allow us to understand your circumstances and to tell you whether we can assist you.

If you require immigration advice, we can arrange a paid consultation. These include in-person and online consultations. As part of our paid consultations, we provide detailed advice in writing about your visa eligibility.

Parking is available about 100 metres away from the Visa Matters offices at AUT Millennium – Each license plate is provided with 90 minutes of free parking once it has been entered into one of the parking machines located in the car park or entrance of either the AUT Millennium building or National Aquatic Centre.

For more information about car parking, please refer to the following web link: