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Complex Visa Matters

Complex Visa Matters

Are you on Immigration New Zealand’s risk radar? Have you been declined a visa, or issued a “PPI letter” / “letter of concern”?

If so, you need expert advice and assistance urgently. Contact us today!

Visa Eligibility

Immigration New Zealand often writes to applicants before deciding their visa applications, giving them the chance to comment on INZ’s concerns that their applications do not meet visa requirements.

Other complex immigration matters include clients whose visa applications have been declined, who are unlawfully in New Zealand, or who need to appeal against their deportation to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

We also specialise in requesting character and medical waivers on behalf of our clients.

Getting help with Complex Visa Matters

If you have received a “PPI” letter from INZ, if you are unlawfully in New Zealand or you need to appeal your immigration matter, time is of the essence. INZ expects you to act promptly in responding to any of these situations.

Do not delay – contact Visa Matters today.

Complex Matters Support

If you receive a PPI letter from INZ, Visa Matters can advise you the best way to respond, advise you what evidence to provide, draft and submit your response.

We can also prepare and lodge your appeal, prepare and lodge your character waiver or medical waiver request.

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