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Limited Visa

Limited Visa

If you have been refused a Visitor visa or Student visa by Immigration New Zealand, there is still hope – apply for a Limited Visa.

Limited Visas can be an ideal option if you have already been declined a Visitor Visa or Student Visa, or if you are travelling to New Zealand for a special reason.

Eligibility For Limited Visa

You must be travelling to New Zealand for an “express purpose” and INZ must assess as “marginal” the risk of you overstaying any temporary visa.

Applying For Limited Visa

There are two ways of being approved a Limited Visa – you can apply directly, or INZ can offer you a Limited Visa upon declining your visitor visa or student visa application.

A Limited Visa means that you will be limited to travelling to New Zealand for the express purpose on your visa, and cannot apply for any other visa type while you are in New Zealand.

Limited Visa Support

Visa Matters will organise your Limited Visa application, telling you the evidence you should provide, and writing to INZ explaining why you should be approved a visa.

We help potential visitors and students build strong and robust applications which address the concerns and questions of Immigration New Zealand, giving you the best chance to travel to New Zealand to visit or study!

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