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The Visa Voyage: Making it Smooth with an Accredited Employer Work Visa

Accredited Employer Work Visa
Published: May 15, 2024

The Visa Voyage: Making it Smooth with an Accredited Employer Work Visa

If you dream of living and working in beautiful New Zealand, then the Accredited Employer Work Visa may be your perfect pathway to starting your new life in Aotearoa. 

Of course, applying for and being granted a visa to move to an entirely different country is a significant life choice. Therefore, to improve your chances of success as much as possible, it’s vital that you take the proper steps, stay diligent and work with people who know what they’re doing and who have your best interests in mind.

In this article, we’ll cover a few key points about the Accredited Employer Work Visa that all interested migrants should know about. Continue reading if you want to be prepared when you apply for your application. 

What Is The Accredited Employer Work Visa?

This temporary visa was introduced as a replacement for several existing NZ work visas, such as the Essential Skills Work Visa. It offers a streamlined pathway for skilled individuals to come and contribute to New Zealand’s productive workforce. It essentially serves as a bridge between skilled individuals and accredited New Zealand employers who are searching for qualified, competent workers.

These NZ employers must be officially accredited to hire individuals through this visa. If an employer is accredited, they’ll be able to send job offers to potential applicants.

This visa has plenty of advantages for those who are qualified for jobs that need to be filled in Aotearoa:

A Streamlined Process. This visa offers a more efficient route to employment, making it smoother for employers who need hard-working team members and for individuals seeking work in this stunning community. With the endorsement of an accredited employer, applicants can navigate the visa process with ease. 

An Extended Duration. Successful applicants of the Accredited Employer Work Visa can enjoy an extended stay in New Zealand, with the potential to work here for up to five years under the sponsorship of their accredited employer. This long duration allows workers to enjoy a stable life for years and offers them ample opportunities for growth and development. 

Naturally, the length of your stay will depend on your circumstances. While most workers with this visa can stay for five years, those who are paid less than the median wage or in a level 4 or 5 ANZSCO position may have a shorter stay.

A Potential Pathway To Residence. Fortunately, your stay in Aotearoa doesn’t necessarily have to end once your five years are over. The Accredited Employer Work Visa can be a stepping stone towards permanent residency. Eligible visa holders may transition to residence visas, such as a Straight To Residence Visa, a Green List Work To Residence visa, or residence under the Skilled Migrant Category. If you love the community you find in New Zealand, you may be able to stay indefinitely. 

Selecting Your Professional Immigration Help

While navigating the complexities of visas, getting help from a professional NZ immigration adviser can make all the difference. When choosing your adviser, be sure to pay attention to these qualities: 

Credentials And Experience. Make sure your chosen adviser has the right credentials to provide professional immigration advice and assistance. They should have the proper training and experience to help people like you. If your case is unique, consider asking them beforehand if they have dealt with situations like yours. 

Furthermore, if you’re heading towards a particular area, you will want a professional who understands that area. For example, Auckland is popular for migrants due to its rich culture and many opportunities. An adviser who knows Auckland well will better understand your journey when compared to one who doesn’t.

Reviews And Reputation. The reputation of an immigration adviser is very important, as it shows how reliable, helpful and successful they are in their field. Be sure to check their reviews to see what their clients say about them. You can do this very quickly and easily on your own by searching for their company name on Google and then looking at their Google Business Profile. Have a look through their reviews to see what their clients think of them, and look for common themes such as strong communication, effective results and professionalism.

Additionally, look at the amount of reviews given and the overall star rating they have. 

Communication And Transparency. Every immigration case is unique, and you deserve to work with a thoughtful immigration adviser who takes care to understand your specific situation. So, look for an adviser who values transparency and strong communication when they work with their clients. A simple way to do so is to look at the aforementioned Google reviews and look for clients who mention communication, diligence and availability. 

Starting Your Journey Towards Working In New Zealand

Trust us at Visa Matters to provide you with the excellent help and support you need during your visa process. We know that every case is different, and we wish to help you find the right steps for you. 

To tell us about your situation, or if you have any questions for us, call us on +6499698472 or use our contact page.

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