Are you currently on the radar of Immigration New Zealand, facing visa rejections, or received a PPI letter from INZ? Seeking assistance from Immigration lawyer Auckland to extend your visa under Section 61 of the Immigration Act? If you're dealing with complex immigration issues, you can contact Visa Matters at any time of the day!

At Visa Matters, we specialise in handling complex legal matters related to immigration with minimal room for error. We take charge of all legal proceedings with the New Zealand immigration authorities to resolve your issues. Let’s connect today and talk about your present situation and we will work on finding a solution for you.

Immigration Lawyer NZ - Complexities Simplified

Starting a new journey to New Zealand is a significant life decision, especially if you're considering working or seeking residency here. The intricacies of immigration law can make the process of visiting, studying, working, or living in New Zealand quite complex.

This is where an Immigration Lawyer NZ comes in. At Visa Matters, we are committed to providing you with the best possible guidance and ensuring your visa application is accurate from the very beginning. Each member of our team is easily approachable, aiming to make the visa application process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We know that each immigration situation is unique, and we take pleasure in offering personalised and experienced advice. With our expertise in NZ immigration law, we can assist clients in various areas, including citizenship, employer accreditation, visitor visas, partnership categories, student visas, complex cases, and much more.

Assisting You Through the Immigration Application Process

Whether you are an individual, a family, or a company, our Auckland immigration law specialists are committed to assisting you in achieving your immigration objectives. We can help you with a variety of visa applications, such as work visas, student visas, and visitor visas NZ. From filling out the relevant visa application form from the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website to compiling all the necessary documents, we can help you out.

Here are some of the required documents you may need for immigration:

  • A valid passport or travel document.
  • Passport-size photographs as per INZ guidelines.
  • Evidence of financial stability that proves that you can finance your expenses during your stay.
  • Health certificates and medical reports if required.
  • Police clearance certificates from all countries you have lived in for more than 12 months over the past ten years.
  • Offer of employment (for work visas) or acceptance letter from a New Zealand educational institution (for student visas).

Residency Applications

For some resident visa categories, such as the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC), New Zealand implements a points-based system. Applicants gain points depending on characteristics such as qualifications, work experience, occupational registration and income.

Our immigration experts evaluate eligibility, aid in gathering essential papers, precisely calculate points, file your application, and represent you in the event of application denials. This way, our team can guarantee that you have the highest chance of success during the difficult immigration procedure.


Our specialists can guide you through the process of obtaining New Zealand citizenship, ensuring that you satisfy all of the requirements.

Whether you want to become a New Zealand citizen by residency, descent, or another route, our skilled specialists will work hard to make your path as simple and successful as possible.

Appeals and Reviews

If your immigration NZ application was declined, our immigration adviser NZ can assist you with appeals and reviews to increase your chances of success. Depending on the type of immigration decision, the applicant may have the option to lodge an appeal with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT) or a relevant court.

In some cases, instead of an appeal, applicants may have the option to seek an administrative review of the decision by INZ or the Minister of Immigration. That’s when our immigration advisers can help you out!

Why Choose An Immigration Lawyer Auckland?

It may be difficult to navigate the complicated world of immigration rules and regulations. Having a qualified and competent immigration lawyer in Auckland or anyplace in New Zealand makes all the difference when it comes to immigration concerns.

  • Our firm specialises in immigration law in New Zealand. We remain up to speed on the newest developments and regulations in order to provide you with the most accurate information and recommendations.
  • We recognise that each immigration situation is unique. That is why, whether it is for a work visa, residence, or citizenship, we provide personalised solutions to match your individual demands.
  • Our immigration professionals understand how to manage the often complicated and time-consuming immigration procedure. We are not just another NZ immigration lawyer, we are your family’s immigration specialist who will assist you in completing the required papers effectively, saving you time and hassle.

Contact Visa Matters today to arrange a consultation and initiate the process of achieving your immigration objectives. If you wish to gain a better understanding of rules and regulations of Immigration New Zealand, our dedicated staff will provide you with guidance and support at each stage of the process.